Certification and certification of the document

Notarization of the document essentially means that an official, usually called a notary, authorizes the document to be signed by a specific person. The notary identifies the person who signs the document and adds a notary seal with a notarized certificate to the document. This means that every third party can be sure that the signature on the document is genuine and not forged. This service is known as a notarized signature. However, you must be aware of the risk that the signing party may not be aware of the content of the document.
Although certification can make a document completely legal and recognizable, certification may not be sufficient to be recognized in other countries. This happens because each jurisdiction recognizes its own public authority and not that of other states. In cases where a document needs to be notarized in order to be used in another jurisdiction, an apostille certificate can help and make the document valid abroad.

  • Logan Perez
  • Apr 18 2022
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