Mozilla Firefox Password reset not working

An integration of instructions, developers code, or unlimited function that goes by the name of Firefox, a widely recognized user-friendly search engine. It has a built-in function to store the settings you configured at the time of setup, home page, bookmarks and passwords saved in a special profile folder. This folder is like a vault of your browsing history and all the data you have collected while using it. There is no fear of losing Firefox settings even if you uninstalled it. Similarly thunderbird, sea monkey and the flock have a similar feature to store all personal settings in a special folder. So in case you have forgotten the password for Firefox, Thunderbird, sea monkey and flock, you can easily recover it from your profile folder. Here we show you all possible ways to recover saved password of Firefox/thunderbird/Sea Monkey and flock profiles.

  • smith james
  • Apr 26 2022
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