Trademark registration in the EU

The company that registers a trademark receives an exclusive right of use along with legal protection. In this way, the brand itself can gain a value which, depending on the value and awareness of the brand, can grow over time. The trademark owner can prevent the use of a similar trademark for a similar business purpose if an unauthorized third party undertakes such an attempt. Therefore, it is very useful to register a trademark if you want to prevent a competitor from using a similar mark to identify their products or services.

The trademark owner has the right to use the well-known ® symbol, which makes it clear that no other company can use this trademark as it is already registered and under legal protection.

Registering a trademark can also give you the opportunity to enter into franchise agreements and receive a share of the use of the trademark by the contractors. In this way the formation of a chain becomes possible.

However, registration can be refused if it does not meet certain requirements. In particular, the requirement of distinctiveness means that, for example, words describing the company's goods or services are too general, which means that they cannot be registered as a trademark.

  • Logan Perez
  • Dec 16 2021
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